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The common Republican processing center was founded on October14, 2004, in accordance with Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers №445 from September 24, 2004, "On measures for further development of the calculations based on the plastic cards."

Main tasks of the common Republican processing centre include:

  • Organizing the complex and goal-oriented movement of the modern bank information technologies and electronic payment instruments in the financial market of Uzbekistan
  • Conducting marketing researches, developing long-term strategic programs in the sphere of applying banking information technologies and electronic settlement instruments
  • Development of normative-technical, normative-manual documentation on applying and using the payment systems of cashless settlements through plastic cards
  • Developing partnership and cooperative relations with international financial institutions and settlement associations, scientific-research organizations, world producers of specialized bank equipment and integrators

Nowadays, the Common Republican Processing Center provides services to commercial banks in the processing service, emission center, the center of mass payments, as well as provides services for service and repair terminals, ATMs and info kiosks.

In accordance with the decision of the State Commission on monetary policy from February 9, 2011, the Uniform Nationwide processing center migration project was implemented payment system UZKART with DUET platforms to standards EMV.

For parallel operation of the two systems - DUET and “UZKARD EMV”-during a short transition period updated and upgraded the software of the existing fleet of terminal equipment, including POS-terminals, ATMs and self-service terminals to provide reception cards as DUET, and new cards standard "UZKARD EMV”. Further expansion of the acquiring network “UZKARD EMV” will be performed exclusively by devices with EMV- compliant software.

The transition to a new technology platform to accomplish the following tasks identified by the Government of the Republic:

  1. 1.Payments to expedite the passage through the deletion intermediate links information processing.
  2. 2.To ensure the proper level to prevent misuse of cards by:
  • centralized database, with a separation of powers by electronic data processing (CRPS) and financial transactions (commercial bank);
  • address the issue of maintaining virtually any volume of stop-list;
  • Application on-line authorization for certain types of transactions (cash withdrawals, buying expensive goods, etc.)
  1. 3.Accelerate the production of cards and terminals through the use of equipment in the system and chip modules from different manufacturers;
  2. 4.To further support, expansion and development of the system by only local specialists;
  3. 5.To further develop the system and save the current volumes of cards and install terminals through a smooth transition to the new platform;
  4. 6.Create the possibility of using cards for e-commerce without restrictions and additional devices.

With the introduction of a new technology platform, which has an optimum interface with ABS, banks have the ability to fully control and accounting operations on card accounts. Today, in some branches of the banks due to lack of computing power brakes account card transactions conducted on the consolidated accounts, detailing operations only in the card, secondary, system. This is contrary to accounting standards and complicates subsequent control and audit operations on card accounts. But with the introduction of the new platform detailing operations in the bank system and card system, carried out in the context of each client with the daily reconciliation of movements and balances on the accounts.

A very important condition for stable operation and development of any information system is the question of its maintenance and support. And new technology platform allows for maintenance and support IPU “UZKART” entirely by local experts.

When implementing a project focused on the subject a smooth transition and preserve investments aimed at creating infrastructure for plastic cards. Virtually all equipment purchased by banks over the past 5-7 years has been used as part of a new technological platform. For example , especially for payment system “UZKART” developed a new scheme of distributed personalize cards EMV, which allows the use of existing banks Officers Evolis card and issue a client immediately after account opening.

Introduction of platforms based on generally accepted international standards allows you to prepare the technical basis for the further integration of the IPU “UZKART” with international payment systems, including those for receiving international cards (VISA, MasterCard, etc.) all terminals IPU “UZKART”.

Introduction of a new technology platform will affect the development of the entire banking system as a whole. Because, on the one hand, creates opportunities for the introduction of new banking services, such as e-commerce, SMS- information, etc. , and on the other, allows to introduce new electronic banking channels, without which it is impossible to imagine the modern retail bank. A card will serve as an identifier of the person in ATMs, self and other self-service devices.

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