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1 Nov 2017

The World Bank has offered Uzbekistan possible economic reforms that will improve the business environment and attract investment. The recommendations were made on November 1 at the presentation of the annual World Bank Group Doing Business 2018 ranking, in which Uzbekistan climbed 13 positions and took 74th place.

Leading economist of the World Bank Stefka Slavova, listing the areas in which Uzbekistan achieved the greatest successes over the past year, drew attention to the components of the business environment that need further development.

"In the country for three years, there is a one-stop shop for business registration. And yet, electronic procedures have not completely replaced paper ones" the representative of the WB noted.

The majority of users should accept electronic systems. To do this, raise awareness, expand the use of online banking and eliminate problems caused by the speed and reliability of the Internet connection.

The WB also offers a pilot implementation of electronic registration for customs clearance, which will help reduce the terms of import-export operations.

"We have to do a lot on international trade," said Stefka Slavova. - Now this is one of the weakest areas of activity in the country. There is a discontinuity between legal requirements and practice. On paper (on paper - Ed.) Prescribed rules that do not work. "

The economist listed the latest trends in this area:

Obtaining a certificate of compliance or its recognition based on bilateral agreements remains a complicated procedure.

Obtaining most of the technical permits takes less time to use the "paper" procedures - in part because of the lack of development of the regulatory framework that determines the institutional coordination in the conduct of international trade, due to the restructuring and inadequate automation of some departments.

The definition of the customs value of imported and exported goods does not fully comply with international principles.

The customs authorities check the entire cargo on the border without using the risk assessment methodology.

For a reasonable regulation of the area, the World Bank proposes to ensure full compatibility of systems used in international trade, through a "one-stop shop" and to expand users' access to an automated system.

Experts also recommend studying the experience of Brazil, which carries out cross-border trade faster by 72 hours due to an electronic system combining customs, tax and administrative authorities, reducing the requirements for import documentation.

Another problematic area of ​​business in Uzbekistan, according to the findings of the Doing Business report, remains the receipt of construction permits.

"The growing trend in the world is the involvement of the private sector, independent engineers or specialized construction firms to participate in construction supervision and inspection," said Stefka Slavova, added that Uzbekistan could learn from this experience and develop it.

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