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Член Ассоциации

Рейтинг банка:

Forecast: Стабильный


Chairman of the Board
Aripov Kakhramon Tursunovich

Правление банка:

First Deputy Chairman                                 Kasimov Rustam Kodirzhanovich

Deputy Chairman                                       Norinboev Oybek Kobilzhanovich

Deputy Chairman                                       Umarov Dilshod Aminovich

Chief accountant                                         Galinova Zimfira Ansarovna

Ссылка на сайт:


(+998 71) 200-55-22


(+998 71) 120-26-99



100029, Toshkent shahri, T.Shevchenko ko’chasi, 1- uy.

State Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Asaka" is a credit institution established on the basis of the Cabinet of Ministers "On the Establishment of the State Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Asaka" from November 7, 1995 and the decision of the constituent assembly of the founders of the Bank dated January 16, 1996.

“Asaka” Bank is an active participant of foreign economic cooperation. To attract direct foreign investment in the strategic sectors of the domestic economy. Correspondent relations are established with more than 350 leading foreign banks.
On several occasions, received the "Best bank in Uzbekistan" from the well-known foreign publishers "Euromoney", "Global Finance" and "The Banker".

Great attention “Asaka” Bank pays to its international status. In particular, on a permanent basis, the international rating agency assigned ratings to the bank.

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