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Chairman of the Board
Tursunov Iskandar Bakhtinurovich

Правление банка:

Deputy Chairman                                           Pulatov Dilshod Akmalevich

Chief accountant                                           Khe Svetlana Zekhenovna

Ссылка на сайт:

Private Open Joint-Stock Commercial Bank “RAVNAQ-BANK” was founded in June 2001.

June 23, 2001 the Bank obtained the license №70, which gives the right to conduct banking operations.

Since November 2002, the Bank is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund in Banks of Uzbekistan, a member of the RSE "Tashkent".

Currently, the bank pays particular attention to harmonization of approaches to client servicing, technology improvement services, quality of service, the use of standard technologies with individual approach to each client, providing services of personal managers, organizing the most effective customer interaction with the Bank's divisions, a flexible tariff policy, establishing business relationships with customers. One of the priorities of the bank's strategic development program for the next five years is to expand infrastructure by opening new branches and mini-banks. Implementation of the infrastructure expansion will allow the bank to provide a stable growing scale of its activities. The bank will focus its attention on the financing of small businesses and private entrepreneurship.

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