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Forecast: Стабильный


Chairman of the Board
Turakulov Zafar Kadirovich

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Chief accountant                                               Pulatov Arifdjan Abdalievich

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Private Open Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Universalbank" (NSA) was established in 2001, as an open joint stock company on the basis of private open joint stock commercial bank "Kokand " with an initial registered capital of 0.05 billion sums.

Shareholders are non-state companies and individuals. UNB development began in August 2002. In April 2003, the first branch was opened in Tashkent.

UNB is a member of the Uzbekistan Banking Association, the National Association of Investment Institutions Member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund of the population. International partners are UNB “Raiffaisen Zentral” bank “Osterreigh”, “Sberbank” of Russia, a number of companies are also providing services to remittance system.

UNB – is a financial institution with an efficient management system, to develop harmoniously in mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers.

UNB - is a universal bank offering a full range of banking transactions in the financial services market, including private and corporate clients, investment banking, commercial finance and asset management. UNB focuses on liquidity risk management and risk capitalization.

Among the current strategic priorities can be identified UNB effective asset and liability management in order to increase profitability, the gradual build-up of the loan portfolio with a focus on the quality of the borrower, an increase in fee income, to raise funds for debt capital markets, further development of the settlement business and remote service channels.

UNB today ranked among the fastest current financial and credit agencies in the country.

National Rating Agency confirmed “Ahbor-Reyting” UNB credit rating on the national scale “UzA” at “uzB" with "positive" outlook.

The concept of our development is based on the most effective use of staff expertise, which complements well our goal for the introduction of modern technologies in the activities of the bank.

Customer care, optimal service, providing first-rate banking services, professional staff, always have been and will be the hallmarks of UNB. We are aware that in the first place respect and trust of customers is our main asset.

UNB head office is located in Kokand, Fergana region. UNB business units represented in Kokand and Tashkent city branch.

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