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JSC “Interbank сompany “INVEST TRAST” was created in July 1996 under the foundation of the Uzbekistan Banking Association. In 2009 converted into Interbank Company “INVEST TRAST” LLC.

Currently, the founders of IC “INVEST TRAST” LLC are:

  • Uzbekistan Banking Association,
  • OJSC Universal leasing company “BARAKA”,
  • Interbank Insurance Company “ISHONCH”,
  • Center for training specialists in the securities market.

Since the beginning of 1998 the Company operates as a Management company. The statutory fund of the company is 381,321 million sums.

The company provides attraction and effective use of the banking capital in the securities market of the Republic, provides services to commercial banks in the distribution of shares of the banks and the formation of their Statutory funds, forms and delivers to the banks large blocks of shares of privatized companies, provide methodological and practical assistance in the evaluation and planning of the investment banks in the securities.

The company carries out the following tasks proceeding from the goals of the banking capital in the securities market:

  • practical support of banks and economic entities in distributing emission of securities in the stock market;
  • applying the mechanism of managing portfolio investments;
  • Developing the mechanism of asset management of securities.

The company takes part in competitions on transfer in trust management of state assets conducted by the SPC of Uzbekistan.

For the expansion of its presence in the market of securities as well as the administering company, has introduced the practice its activities functions management of investment assets major investors. The Company's activities carried out in three ways:

  1. 1.Organization of managing enterprises: buying stocks of enterprises, supporting in organization and administering financial inflows to the enterprise, bringing the company to a profitable position, selling the stocks of enterprise.
  2. 2.Attracting investment actives (financial resources, stocks of the company) of investors and placing them on liquid and profitable assets.
  3. 3.Placing attracted resources on the stocks of privatized enterprises.

Today the Company has its own portfolio of investments totaling more than 400 million sums.

The company also takes part in tenders on distributing the stocks and shares of enterprises which belong to the state for management to companies of professional management.

In addition, the company pays great attention to development of the system of corporate management.

Work on improvement of corporate management in companies is conducted by the Company on the following directions:

  • effective protection of the rights and interests of shareholders;
  • transparency of decision-making, to provide professional and ethical responsibility of the members of the Supervisory Board, other officials of the company;
  • Expansion of the information openness and development of the system of norms of business ethics.

Activities to attract investment in the reconstruction and technical re-equipment of production as well as for the company is one of the main priorities in the fiduciary management doubles in enterprises in various forms of ownership. Implementation of measures for attracting investment in the reconstruction and modernization of production is seen in close relationship with the activities for the development of new areas of work. First of all, special attention of the Company is paid to the analysis of the technical state of production resources and identify ways of radical modernization of production facilities. The modernization of production also is based on the results of the marketing research to identify the most promising areas for development. The development plan provides for production enterprises in the next five years, on the basis of which is being drawn up the plan for the modernization of production. Already at the present time, by the Management Company are being carried out on the development of different areas of activities of the new high-tech industries.

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