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"Interbank Consulting Service" (ICS) is the first company established to provide technical assistance and consulting to commercial banks and financial institutions. One of the main founders of the ICS is the Uzbekistan Banking Association.

In the context of the dynamic development of the market of Uzbekistan, ICS offers its clients flexible services. ICS mainly concentrated its work on assisting commercial banks and other financial institutions whose primary purpose is to achieve a contemporary operational, managerial and strategic level.

In addition, ICS provides a wide range of services to non-banks. With our considerable experience in the banking system of Uzbekistan, we can offer practical advice to non-banks in areas such as, the relationship with the customer's own bank.

Taking into account the active participation of commercial banks in economic reforms and reforms of the republic, “Interbank Consulting Service” LLC contributes to the purposes, providing the following services:

A - Consulting services:

  • Business Planning
  • IFRS implementation
  • Financial analysis: households, subjects receiving at: bank guarantee, credit, loans, courts ...
  • Preparation of an investment project
  • Feasibility studies
  • Provision of services to attract foreign partners and implementation of investment projects

B - Development and implementation of the software:

  • Languages​: C + +, Java, Delphi, C #, PLS, Qt, PHP...
  • Technology: 1C, Nuxeo, Pentaho, Lotus (IBM), SCADA...
  • Upon OS: Win, Linux, Unix...
  • DB: Postgre SQL, ORACLE, My SQL, MS SQL, DB2...
  • Administering Servers
  • Software Maintenance
  • Development of web sites

ICS is the initiator and project developer UZIBOR index. In this project developed software “Deposit Market” (Certificate State Patent Office of Uzbekistan №DGU 00926 from April 27, 2005.) which automatically calculates indexes UZIBOR – Uzbekistan Interbank Offered Rate, UZIBID - Uzbekistan Interbank Bid Rate and UZIAR - Uzbekistan Interbank Median Average Rate. This product allows you to effectively manage liquidity resources of banks and provides full information on the interbank credit market of Uzbekistan. In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from April 15, 2005, № PD-56, the company together with commercial banks created "The interbank electronic market cash resources."

In the ICS run by highly qualified experts, of which 5 are international certified public accountants CAR or CIPA, are recognized experts at the international level, are teaching at the National Association of Accountants, have experience in creating the internal audit in large companies. Successful activity of the company "Interbank Consulting Service" LLC is largely due to the presence in its structure of consulting- one of the tools of professional financial management, promoting financial stability and development of enterprises.

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