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Joint venture “HAMROH LOYIHA INVEST” of Uzbekistan Banking Association was founded in 1996 and offers a wide range of services provided banking and financial sector of the economy, small and private businesses, large enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The main activity of the company is to provide a wide range of services in:

  • preliminary design and design estimates in full on construction sites, as well as feasibility studies and pre-design work;
  • expertise of design estimates for construction of facilities;
  • development of tender documentation and tendering to search for interested contractors to carry out work on the building, investment and other projects and their subsequent monitoring;
  • preparation of contract documents for construction of facilities, the evaluation of proposals , supervision of works, preparation of technical advice on construction;
  • Consulting services.

The assets of the enterprise development projects include "Leather Factory LLC “Premium Leather” created on the basis of "Kunchev" in Kokand, Fergana region. Production department, "Construction of the indoor swimming pool sized bath 25×11 meters in the sports complex "Yoshlik" in the street of Akkurgan 16 in Tashkent" , "Overhaul of office space, the Permanent Representation of the Asian Development Bank", Academic lyceum at the Westminster Institute in Tashkent, etc.

Completed projects have been developed on the basis of modern design solutions objects of construction with the use of latest achievements construction technology, and production of modern domestic and foreign construction materials. In the delivery of new services and projects is designing and creating an estimated documentation boiler to gas fuel.

Now performed examination of design and estimate documentation facilities for compliance with regulatory requirements:

The main customers are:

  • DP "Dori-Darmon"
  • Department of Justice Tashkent
  • LLC “Best Station Construction”
  • LLC “Telekom Building”
  • UE "Toshkentgaztaminot"
  • Nearby small businesses, entrepreneurs, objects of the banking system.

Designed tender documentation and organized a tender for the procurement of computer and office equipment for the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity of Uzbekistan Foundation, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Umid", as well as on behalf of the Uzbekistan Banking Association held a tender to determine vendor terminals, ATMs, information kiosks mass self-service and other specialized equipment card payment systems of cashless payments banks of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In accordance with the "Program of the Uzbekistan Banking Association for the development of the scope of services" JV “HAMROH LOYIHA INVEST” in 2013 outlined a package of measures to assist in the preparation of expert opinions on the subject of the principal opportunities and feasibility of projects.

Improved building technology, the use of new high-efficiency building materials (in the first place, foreign production) are forced members of the Enterprise economic motivation to examine in greater depth the application of new technology, and construction work, progressive types of construction materials.

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