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Subsidiary of the Uzbekistan Banking Association “Moliya Binokor Xizmat” registered by the governor of the Mirzo Ulugbek district of Tashkent city from May 27, 1999, №1460.

The main activities of the subsidiary are as follows:

  • preparation of contract documents for construction of banking facilities in the Republic of Uzbekistan, bid evaluation, supervision of works, preparation of technical advice on construction;
  • Implementation of agency functions to attract tenants and leasing of office space in the building of the Interbank Financial Services Centre of Uzbekistan Banking Association.

The premises of the building of the Interbank Financial Services consist of large and small offices, the interior of which allows feeling comfortable and effectively perform the work.

All workplaces are equipped with modern network and telecommunication devices. So, the building is equipped with digital telephone station “TELRAD DIGITAL”.

Modern access control system in the building with the use of magnetic cards, the integrated systems of the fire alarm system and video provides the control of the entrance of the building and security.

Meeting for 440 seats is equipped with modern sound amplifying system with simultaneous interpretation into 4 languages. Provided with computer control system of voting and video presentations. Press-center for 40 seats, located on the first floor of the building, allows conduct press-conferences, international scientific-practical conferences, seminars and other similar events.

Tenants of the building IFSC are foreign companies, organizations and enterprises, and infrastructural units of the Uzbekistan Banking Association.

Events held in the conference hall and the press-center of the building IFSC, are diverse in character. The main ones are the following:

  • press-conferences, meetings with journalists, various meetings and the meeting of the tenants of the building IFSC and other organizations;
  • meeting of shareholders of commercial banks;
  • presentation of diplomas to the best graduates of the Tashkent Bank College and holding of a meeting of the excellent students of specialized banking classes;
  • International conferences, seminars and round tables for the employees of banks.
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