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Allocation of subsidies for the purchase of housing simplified
20 Oct 2022

Allocation of subsidies for the purchase of housing simplified

     A Government Resolution “On measures to simplify the processes of providing mortgage loans and subsidies for the purchase of housing” was adopted.

    The resolution established that from 1 December 2022:

    - the head of the department of the Agency for Youth Affairs and the director of the Center for the Promotion of Employment of the Population are excluded from the composition of commissions for the selection of applicants for subsidies;

    - the procedure for considering an application for a subsidy by centers for promoting employment of the population, territorial departments of the State Cadastre Chamber, departments of the Agency for Youth Affairs and khokimiyats of districts (cities) is canceled;

   - the data of these organizations are automatically generated using the subsidiya.idm.uz software;

   - within the framework of social criteria for identifying citizens in need of housing for the purpose of subsidizing, certain categories of persons in need of social protection include:

   - young families, including citizens not older than 30 years;

   - specialists with higher education and medical workers who come to budget organizations in remote and hard-to-reach areas to work from other regions.

   Until 1 November 2022, the Labor-migration program and the portal of the National Geographic Information System of the Cadastre Agency will be integrated into the subsidiya.idm.uz software.

   When issuing a mortgage loan at the expense of funds placed by the Ministry of Finance, the upper limit of the debt load is canceled for borrowers, as well as the established restrictions on applying for a subsidy twice a calendar year.

   Until 1 November 2022, citizens who have received a notification of the allocation of a subsidy under the 2020-2022 program will be taken measures to fully pay out outstanding subsidies to reimburse part of the interest on a mortgage loan.

   Citizens who are permanently registered in the city of Tashkent, who have received a notification of a subsidy under the 2021 program, are given the right to purchase housing built in the Tashkent region on the basis of a mortgage loan.


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